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April Family Activity Calendar

April’s Family Activity Calendar is created in conjunction with our district's Project Safety Net initiative. This calendar provides the opportunity for families to not only bond and connect, but gives ideas, thoughts, and creative ways for our students to increase positive ways of socializing and enhancing their wellness too. If you would like to provide recommendations and feedback regarding the various topics on the calendar, click here.

 Thursday, April 1

 Friday, April 2


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Have a wonderful month spending time together. Be creative with the activities.

Theme: April Fools
Affirmation: I am happy!
Activity: Have fun with family. Play some games and enjoy your time together.
Theme: Jelly Day
Song:  “Jelly Bean” The Mexican https://youtu.be/9PqEnlrlJv4 
Activity: Enjoy your favorite Jelly or Jam with your family. Be creative and add some flavor! 
Theme: Easter
Affirmation: I love spending time with family
Song: “Here comes Peter Cottontail” https://youtu.be/q7UXYvRRZFc 
Activity: Color some eggs, hide them and enjoy your family time together.

Monday, April 5

Tuesday, April 6

Wednesday, April 7

Thursday, April 8

Friday, April 9


Theme:  Create your own story
Activity: Write a short story about your Spring Break and share it with your family and friends
Theme: Student Athlete Day
Song: Eye of the Tiger
Activity: Connect with a student athlete and send them an encouraging note
Theme: Walking Day
Activity: Go for a walk together and talk about what you see, smell and hear. 
Theme: Reading Day
Activity: Select a book and take turns reading. Read to their child or have your child read to you. 
Theme: Wellness Day
Song: Wisin & Yandel “Follow the Leader “ ft. Jennifer Lopez https://youtu.be/Xmap94TcDNs 
Activity: Try a new physical activity together as a family. 
Theme: Build a Fort
Activity: Have some fun as a family and build a fort inside or outside. 

Monday, April 12

Tuesday, April 13

Wednesday, April 14

Thursday, April 15

Friday, April 16


Theme: Challenge yourself
Activity: Take on a new challenge. Try something new and inspiring.
Theme: Connections
Affirmation: I am a good communicator
Song: Radmilla Cody “The Cycle of Life”
Activity: Connect with a family member or friend that you haven’t seen in a while.
Theme: Wellness Day
Affirmation: I am strong
Activity: Practice healthy stress relievers; exercise, talk to someone, eat fruits, drinking water, etc.
Theme: Sibling Day
Affirmation: I love my brother and sister
Activity: Do something fun with your sibling or with your cousin(s).
Theme: Cookout
Affirmation: I love to cook
Activity: Cook your favorite food on the grill
Theme: Youth Day
Affirmation: I am awesome
Song: Jay Begaye “Grandma Honor”
Activity: Schedule some time with your kid(s) and let them plan some physical activity for the day.

Monday, April 19

Tuesday, April 20

Wednesday, April 21

Thursday, April 22

Friday, April 23


Theme: Paper Time
Song: Robin Thicke- Blurred Lines ft. T.I., Pharrell
Activity: Make your best paper airplane and have a contest flying it. Which airplane will fly the furthest?

Theme: Wellness Day
Activity: Express some gratitude with your family. Share why you are grateful for them.
Theme: Museum Visit
Activity: Do a virtual visit to a museum online with your family members or a friend. What do you see?
Theme: Earth Day
Affirmation: I am helpful
Song: Earth Day Song- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle https://youtu.be/qtyBzFV9yTs 
Activity: Make an Earth Day collage, create a recycling area, or plant
Theme: Door Decor
Affirmation: I am creative
Activity: Decorate your room doors for a week. Be creative with your decorations. Have fun!
Theme: Pot-Luck Day
Activity: Make a favorite dish and share it with family and friends 

Monday, April 26

Tuesday, April 27

Wednesday, April 28

Thursday, April 29

Friday, April 30

Theme: Get Moving!
Affirmation: I am active
Activity: Get up and go for a walk, dance, go for a run, or take out your bike. Keeping on moving.
Theme: Dance Battle
Affirmation: I am happy
Song: Nicky Jam & Daddy Yankee “Muevelo” https://youtu.be/qxaB17wZYaM 
Activity: Have a dance battle with your family.
Theme: Take a photo
Affirmation: I enjoy pictures
Activity: Take a photo outside and share it with family and friends. Be creative with your photo
Theme: Wellness Day
Affirmation: I am well
Song: Choose your favorite song together
Activity: Try making a new recipe together as a family. Share your recipe with others. 
Theme: Pillow Fight
Affirmation: I enjoy fun 
Activity: Get a pillow and toss it to a family member and have a friendly pillow fight. Have fun!
See you next month!

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