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Mask Mandate Lifted for Navajo Nation schools and events


According to the Navajo Nation President's announcement, lifting the face mask mandate, schools and school events in the Navajo Nation will not be required to wear masks. Consistent with the press release, please be advised that parents who still wish their children to wear masks or staff who wish to wear masks may continue to do so.

Our district strives to enhance the achievement of our students, and encouraging students to actively participate in discussions with their peers and teachers is paramount for learning while creating an engaging classroom environment.

We are glad to report a percentage of 0.3% student positivity rate and a 0.5% positive rate for all CCSD staff last month. All cases comply with New Mexico Department of Health guidelines, such as tracking initial COVID-19 reporting, informing students and staff of proper processes when tested positive, and maintaining cleanliness in schools. We understand these last few years have been a challenge for everyone, and we are doing our best to ensure a safe and healthy environment.

We will continue to monitor reports and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the safety and well-being of our students and staff. We appreciate your continued support and cooperation during these challenging times.

Navajo Nation Health Order No. 2023-002

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